Exploitation of illegal immigration: the clothes were a lawyer and an accountant

Under house arrest are Maria Theresa Caputo, Attorney Imola, 47, and Joseph Monaco, Imola accountant 60 years, investigated along with other thirty-six people, including a Bengali subjected to mandatory signature. The operation, dubbed Free pass, and carried out by the Guardia di Finanza di Rovigo, in collaboration with the provincial of Bologna, Forlì and Ravenna coordinated by the prosecutor of Bologna, has allowed us to strike a criminal organization dedicated to aiding and exploitation of ‘illegal immigration.

The investigation, which began in September 2009, he started from a regular tax audit in a textile workshop of Occhiobello, in the province of Rovigo, where they identified three Chinese workers results beneficiaries of regularization procedure known as amnesty for domestic workers and caregivers. According to the Guardia di Finanza the procedure was vitiated by the use of false work contracts as domestic workers or caregivers. From here, the investigation was continued, growing in two phases: the first in reference to the amnesty, the second one, following the flow decree of 2010.

An association of entrepreneurs and professionals Emilia, including Monaco, who worked at the Caf and the lawyer Caputo, considered the founders, organizers and promoters of the alleged illegal scheme, which because of their knowledge were able to find numerous customers, about 200, including Chinese citizens, Albanians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Moroccans, Ukrainians and Moldovans. False employers would be around forty. Non-EU citizens interested in the permit poured organization an amount between 5 and 7 thousand euro, while obliging employers were rewarded with a thousand euro.

In this first phase Monaco, regarded as the inventor of the criminal system, he predicted that the lawyer had conferred Caputo of attorney to represent the false employers, when they were summoned by the Prefecture as the last step necessary for the issuance of a permit to stay, to make sure that it took place on a regular basis. At the end of this first phase there were some searches against Monaco and Caputo, both of Bologna, but it emerged elements to retain the lawyer involved in the system. But subsequent wiretaps allowed the Guardia di Finanza to understand how the lawyer Imola was otherwise included in the activity that is illegal and that after just preferred to go it alone.

The alleged offenses ranging from aiding and abetting illegal immigration, from falsehood material and ideological forgery of a public document to the statements made to the officer to aiding and abetting, with the aggravating circumstance of having acted in order to make a profit and in competition among more than five people.

After the amnesty of 2009 was presented as a new opportunity to gain with the flow decree of 2010 for non-EU workers, the activities of suspects, which in this case is independent of common accord, was busy in the days immediately preceding the famous “click day”, that is the day set for the electronic transmission of applications for the issue of a residence permit, as The threshold established by the decree flows of about 98 000 units followed by time of sending and receiving requests (“first arrived, first served”, that is “first come, first served”). The flow decree had allowed regularization of third country nationals, who were, on June 30, 2009, in Italy irregularly or illegally employed at Italian families as domestic workers or caregivers.

The latest searches of the Guardia di Finanza have permission to seize an imposing amount of documentation, which is now the prosecutor will read and evaluate, given the complexity of the matter. Among the suspects also a Bengali of 42 years, now be submitted to mandatory signature, which would have favored the permanence of the citizens of Bangladesh for a sum of around a thousand euro for the case under examination. The 42-year old would give Monaco the names of workers to be included in instances of regularization, declaring without a residence permit and are not employed, but employed by Italian citizens as domestic workers or caregivers by employers complacent.

Vatican purchasing properties with Mussolini’s dirty money

Using the services of a firm, Vatican made an international real estate portfolio of more than 500 million pounds, said British Guardian.

In this way, the Vatican, “impregnated” means that in age 1929 received from Benito Mussolini, and in exchange, the dictator received recognition of the Italian fascist regime by the Pope.

Journalists at Guardian discovered that the Vatican owns properties on attractive locations in London and Paris, but also in Switzerland. However, having well is more difficult for them to find any evidence that the church is the owner of that property.

Vatican purchasing properties with Mussolini’s dirty money

In the property documents, there is a company name written. For example, St James shopping center in London has bought the firm British Grolux Investments, in which a role has bankers John Varley and Robin Herbert, both close associates of the Catholic Church. None of the company did not want to give details of the ownership of the property.

The answers were found in the archived documents. British Grolux is legal successor of firms British Grolux LTD and Chelsmore Estates, which in turn, was a company registered owner at the address of the bank JP Morgan in New York, which is owned by Swiss company Profima.

According to data from the British National Archives, dating from World War II, Vatican Profima is a company that was under investigation for activities against the Nazis. Was specifically explored the relationship of the Roman lawyer Bernardino Nogara, which then represented the financial interests of the Vatican, respectively found several companies, which controlled all the dirty money that the Vatican had received from Benito Mussolini.

With these real estates, currently manages Paolo Mennini, who runs its special device in Vatican and also serves as investment banker to the Pope. According to the last report of the Greater Europe office Mennini control portfolio with a total value of 680 million Euros.

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London lawyers earn well from the war of oligarchs

Abramovich case against Berezovsky is just one of the many battles of the oligarchs that go through London’s legal system.

Affection oligarchs against the British justice allow London lawyers last year to achieve a record profit of five billion pounds (more than six billion Euros); according to a survey, whose results convey “Guardian.”

Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich may have fought the exiled oligarch Boris Berezovsky to not pay more than five billion, but is expected court costs associated with this case to exceed the sum of £ 100 million.

When compensation Solicitors gathered all the hours spent on a four-month fight before the High Court found that it is one of the most expensive cases that were fought in the London courts.

Abramovich case against Berezovsky is just one of many battles of the oligarchs that run through London’s legal system that converted the lawyers who participate in them into multimillionaires.

After a few weeks, before the High Court will continue the legal battle between Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska and Mikhail Chernoj, businessman born in Uzbekistan.

This year, the Kazakh billionaire, Muhtar Abljazov fled from the UK after a court declared guilty of lying enormous wealth in one of the world’s biggest fraud trials.

Abljazov who lied that owns the house from 17 million pounds in London, now runs from British justice, writes “The Guardian.”

Mark Mekatir, editor of the magazine ” Legal work “, said that thanks to the Russian legal battles, profits of most important hundred law offices in London for the first time in history has grown to 5.4 billion pounds (almost seven billion Euros).

Mekatir said that Russians prefer to have their cases resolved in Britain because it is a system in which mainly be judged fairly, and judges and lawyers are quite good.

Besides Russian businessmen, added Mekatir growing population of disputes regarding technological patents, including Apple and company’s fight against Samsung for copying its “iPhone” also bring big money.

Obama requesting revocation of the ban on gay marriages

U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration asked the Supreme Court overturned the ban on gay marriage in California.

The court will decide on March 26, when you examine the constitutionality of the proposal 8” California referendum passed in 2008, which decided to ban gay marriage.

According to the request of the Ministry of Justice, which seeks to reverse proposal,” stated that it violates the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees equal rights to citizens.

Last month, Barack Obama the first time directly advocate for gay rights in the U.S. presidential inauguration, saying that our way is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters not to be treated like everyone else in the framework of the law.”

Putin ordered the Russian military to adjust to external threats

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered on Wednesday the military leadership to immediately improve the situation in the armed forces during his presidential term, because, as he said, Russia must resist the attempts of the West to upset the strategic balance of power.


Western analysts said the Russian President Vladimir Putin is interpreted as another indication of its tougher policy after the May 2012 return to the presidency, as well as growing anti-Western rhetoric that wants to gain wider support.

“There are attempts to disrupt strategic balance,” said Putin, who is also the supreme commander of the Russian armed forces, in a speech at the Academy of the General Staff of the Russian Army end capital Moscow.

“Geopolitical dynamics requires quick and meaningful response … Russian military forces must raise new level of capability in the next three to five years, “says President Putin, who does not rule out the possibility of a new presidential bid in 2018.

Putin, who is a former member of the Soviet KGB intelligence service and was engaged in a former military base in territory of the former East Germany, explained that threaten Geo-Political position of Russia is spreading inn NATO to the east and the installation of U.S. anti-missile shield in Europe in the near Russian borders.

After many year military budget since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Putin is a strong proponent of the plan by 2020 to invest $ 750 billion in restoring Russia’s armament.

Russian army, which has about a million soldiers, still mainly relies on Soviet infrastructure and weapons, and despite the Kremlin’s efforts to fully professionalize remains dependent to recruitment. / End / MF / MV

Bust of the legendary Rosa Parks in the U.S. Congress

The Afro-American Rosa Parks, who wrote the history in 1955 when the racist Alabama refused to step down in the back of the bus, intended for its black compatriots, now again become a part of American history because her bust will be placed in U.S Congress

It will be the first life-size statue of an Afro American in the American Congress, where there are 180 statues of important personalities.

The discovery of the bust will be attended by President Barack Obama.

It is not known statue looks like, except that it is black granite pedestal, is of bronze, about three meters high and around 1.2 tones.

Congress in 2005 decided to place the bust, which is the first time this solution has been adopted at the federal level in 1873 because the remaining busts laid Commonwealth countries for their meritorious citizens.

U.S. mail this month issued a postage stamp with the image of Parks, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of her birth.

Parks became a symbol of the struggle for the rights of African Americans when in Montgomery in Alabama 58 years ago refused to become part of the bus provided for whites. She then was arrested, leading to the formation to protect the civil rights movement of the dark-skinned Americans, led by Martin Luther King.

Osama bin Laden removed from the UN sanctions list

Almost two years after the assassination by the U.S. commandos al Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, is removed from the UN sanctions list, carried the British media.

Bin Laden found on the black list of the Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council in January 2001.

Until today against him were active travel ban and the freezing of its accounts.

Bin Laden was liquidated on May 2, 2011 by American “seals” in operation at his home in Pakistan.

Sanctions Committee announce that bin Laden February 21 is removed from the black list, but that countries should address approval unfreezing his accounts, delivering guarantees that de-funds will not be awarded to individuals or groups for terrorist purposes.

UN sanctions list figure 233 individuals and 63 entities.

Meanwhile the Senate Intelligence Committee of the U.S. Congress dropped the investigation into possible CIA contacts with the authors of the film for the operation to destroy Bin Laden "Zero Dark Thirty", said the British media. It came just a day after the film had five nominations for Oscar”, failed to win the prize for best film at the American Film Academy. The Commission said it had stopped the investigation after it received the necessary information from CIA director Catherine Biglou and screenwriter Mark Boal.

Karzai demands withdrawal of U.S. Special Forces who tortured and killed innocent civilians

Afghan President Hamid Karzai ordered the immediate withdrawal of U.S. special forces from the province of Wardak, after the information appeared to be involved in the kidnapping and torture of innocent civilians appears Si CNN.

The United States responded with a brief statement does not deny the charges, but confirmed that it will begin an investigation into these claims. Afghan president's office has been notified that a decision on the withdrawal of the special units of Wardak province was taken at a meeting of the National Security Council.

“Following a detailed investigation showed that the gunmen, members of the U.S. special forces stationed in Wardak province, were involved in the torture, mistreatment and killings of innocent people,” the statement said a spokesman for President Karzai.

He highlights the latest case in which, according to the claims of Afghan authorities - nine people perished in Wardak province, a “shadow” leading right to U.S. special operation units. Mentioning the case of killing one student, whose mutilated body was found a few days ago under a local bridge?

"Bloody diamonds" Comeback

"Bloody diamonds", particularly those of Zimbabwe’s diamond fields Marangu, returning to the market of the European Union.

This agreement reached foreign ministers of Belgium and the UK, Didier Rejnders and William Hague. UK some time blocked the entrance of blood diamonds on the EU market, particularly considered Belgians.

Namely, their city of Antwerp is one of the world centers of diamond business and Belgian firms had significant business interests in the discovery and excavation of African diamonds.

Rejnerd Hague agreed by EU blacklist be removed Zimbabwean company mining development Corporation (ZMDC), which manages the diamond mines in Marengo, sources in Brussels confirmed that the agreement between the two ministers will adopt and the rest of their European counterparts.

This decision will wait and elections in Zimbabwe, so ZDMC will be returned to the blacklist if this African State President Robert Mugabe’s re-set victory.

This is not at all in favor of non-governmental organizations that are trying to raise public awareness about the problem of blood diamonds. Another was released in 2009 moving report on how Mugabe used military force and torture population Marengo, including children.

Belgian Foreign Ministry offered a different picture of things.

"The situation on human rights has improved. There is a national unity government and draft a new constitution. Soon followed by a referendum on the constitution, and after new elections, Belgium is that democratic change position should be encouraged, "ministry spokesman told the EU observer Joren Vandevejer, who pointed out that sanctions have achieved only ZMDC to sell its diamonds black market.

Belgians obviously want the diamond trade ZMDC goes through Antwerp, the diamond wholesaler employs 34,000 people and annually generates sales in excess of $ 35 billion.

However, a growing part of the diamond business goes in India and the United Arab Emirates, countries that do not have quite strict rules regarding the legality of diamonds, as well as their origin. In any case, ZMDC already announced that in 2013 its production of diamonds intend to increase from eight million to 16 million carats.